Me, The Mom

My intention for this blog is very simple.  I am unable to keep track of everything I write, and I want somewhere central to get it all down.  Ideas smack me in the face all the time.  Things I want to say out loud but have no one to say them to.   Opinions, commentaries, whatever.  Most of it is related to how I grew up, and how that affected who I am today. A lot of it is parenting stuff.  And politics.  And dogma. This will be the place I try to write down all the important things I want my children to know.  It will be where I praise the net of love that is my family.


3 responses to “Me, The Mom

  1. HI there, I found you via Hallie Sessoms. My daughter is about 5 months younger than Little Pup. I love, love what you’re doing here and look forward to continued reading. Thank you for your writing.

  2. Dear, Mrs. Dare Ellis, my name is Mina and I’m a parent of two adorable kids. I subscribed to the online April No Spank Challenge and I’m reading all at one breath (as I’m one of those struggling to change to a more peaceful parenting). So it striked me that many here in my country (Bulgaria) do not speak your language or have not heard of this parenting movement. And I think it will be a great idea to translate and spread the methods and understanding having in mind that spanking here is an old tradition. I can do the translations and publish them in a blog created for the idea. However, I do not wish to do anything without your consent so I am asking you to grant me permission to translate and publish the materials you have provided for that free webinar. Of course, I will give you proper credit with a link to the original material and a short description about who you are and where one can find you should a greater interest in your work arises.

    Kind Regards,

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