Public Schools. Sigh.

Public Schools.  Sigh.

I saw this today on a Facebook page called Free Your Kids. I love almost everything I see over there. Little Puppy will never, not ever step one foot inside a public school if I can help it.


5 responses to “Public Schools. Sigh.

  1. “Hey everyone. Let’s try and teach our children how to be productive members of society. All we need to do is steal the money from everyone to do it.”

    Public schools are amazingly hypocritical. They’re just a cheaper version of prison as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Aha, but the idea of “creating productive members” is only a ruse. Public schools intend only to create obedient citizens. To that aim, they are unbeatable.

  3. You spoke in a previous blog of “not taking away his rights to chooose” and “not wanting to raise an obedient son/man”…I’m just curious…if one day, he “chooses”/requests to attend school/not be home-schooled, will you allow it?

    • Absolutely! I think it’s a totally natural thing for him to become curious about what other kids are doing at some point or other. That includes going to school, church, summer camp, whatever. If Little Pup decides one day that going to a more traditional school is something he’s interested in doing, who am I to stop him? My job as a teacher to him certainly won’t stop just because he’s attending classes elsewhere. Learning at home goes on in all kinds of fun ways that don’t have to be school-y to be effective. And that way, his choices are respected, his opinion is valued, and he can learn in whatever environment he finds most comfortable.

  4. But how are you respecting his choice if you have let it be known that you don’t like school and have a laundry list of your reasoning behind it. You said your son would never go to public school if you could help it..well doesn’t that mean you are going to try to get him to think like you do. I.e.convince him that your view on public schools is right. Then you said the exact opposite and say if he later decides he wants to go to school despite your efforts to prevent that, then you would respect that decision. Would it not be more in line with the #respect the child to make his own decisions# philosophy to do NOTHING to influence his views on school: To simply explain what school is/ what happens in school etc. and move on. Doesn’t the original statement #if I can help it# take away his ability to make an unbiased choice. Do you think he won’t feel obligated to #think/believe# the things you do. Because he will. Feel obligated to and wrong or guilty when he doesn’t that is. I have always parented my two boys in a very natural. Attached manner . Full term nursing. Co-sleeping following the child’s lead etc. And have run into this on multiple occasions with my 9 year old specifically with big life stuff like etc.

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