Today’s Lesson in Bodily Autonomy

Charlie: These are my ears. *Points to ears*

Me: Yes they are.

Charlie: My tummy. *Holds fat rolls*

Me: Yes.

Charlie: This is my vulva.

Me: That’s right.

Charlie. S’not for everybody! S’not for you. S’not for Patton. Is just for me!

Me: That’s exactly right.

Charlie: And pee pee lives in it.

Me, laughing: Pee lives in it? Do you know where your pee comes out, that’s called a urethra. Can you say urethra?

Charlie: My rethra.

Me: “You-ree-thra”

Charlie: Is NOT YOU rethra. Is MY rethra. S’not for everybody!!


One response to “Today’s Lesson in Bodily Autonomy

  1. I, too, have a Charlie who knows her bodily autonomy! Your Charlie is awesome and sounds like she gets you laughing every day.

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